please read information/faq before reaching out.


protests and other events will be updated weekly.

**please note the following: in no way am i associated with any of these protests, unfortunately due to the high volume in messages i am unable to keep track. these are all verified via facebook or flyers. please also know that these are all written as peaceful protests, and in no way do i condone violence of any sort. please attend protests wearing all black as well as a face mask to cover your identity as well as wearing one due to the pandemic. thank you, and be safe. XOJ**

for the brave protestors, stay safe. <3

things to do:
turn off your cellular data
take note of officer badge numbers, names, appearances etc when necessary.
conceal tattoos, piercings and dyed hair.
wear brandless, shapeless black clothing.
wear masks, goggles, long sleeves, and gloves to protect against tear gas and pepper spray.

things not to do:
take photos or video.
speak to the press.
consent to being photographed or filmed.
speak to law enforcement without a lawyer.

what to bring with you:
cash, not debit or credit. if you pay with a card, your activity can be traced.
water and food.
phone charger.
washcloth to soak in vinegar or COLD water in the event that tear gas or pepper spray is deployed.

know your rights:
law enforcement cannot disperse your protest unless you are on private property, or posing a clear threat to public safety and property.
if dispersed, officers must provide a clear path on which to exit as well as ample time to do so.
police may pat you down if they suspect you have a weapon or if you are being arrested.
a warrant is needed to view your photos or videos.

if that's the case, things to do:
keep calm. keep your hands visible.
avoid making any sudden movements.
call a lawyer if possible; police cannot listen to your call.
ask if you are free to leave - if you are being arrested, ask why.

if that's the case, things not to do:
offer any information or sign anything without a lawyer.
consent to a search of your belongings.

please also be advised that we are still in the middle of a pandemic. social distance if you can, wear a mask. if possible, quarantine yourself for fourteen days after the protest.

hello! if you are on this page that must mean you are interested in going to a protest! more power to you! but you don't have someone to go with.

this is something i am testing out at the moment, so there may not be any names. please do understand i am doing this just incase that someone needs a buddy - i unfortunately will not be able to track anyone down specifically. these people reached out to me in hope of finding someone to peacefully protest with. here are the following:

atlantic county:

bergen county:
maia: @justmaialuck

burlington county:
audre: @fmxnr

camden county:

cape may county:

cumberland county:

essex county:

gloucester county:

hudson county:
keiry: @keirytweets
carissa: @_carr

hunterdon county:

mercer county:
lyn: @lynn_cook

middlesex county:

monmouth county:
nicole: @nicolewalling7

morris county:
Andrea: @Andreaold
Hannah: @hannahfeldman
g: @beeopbooep

ocean county:

passaic county:

salem county:

somerset county:

sussex county:

union county:

warren county:

frequently asked questions/information

who are you?
my name is jay! i am a 23 year old from monmouth county. i also use she/her pronouns.

why are you doing this?
my goal is to reach out to as many new jersey residents as possible to notify them when they have a protest nearby, or even in their town! most people aren't aware of protests happening down the street from them.

i dmed you, but you didn't answer.
as of june third, i will only be reading dms for protests when i log onto the site. this will be once, possibly twice a day due to my busy schedule - but i continue to stay dedicated to what i am doing.

can you get me into contact with the event organizer?
unfortunately, those who reach out to me are the ones who see it on facebook, instagram or other forms of social media. most times it is not the organizer who reaches out to me.

i have nobody to go to a protest with. can you help me?
i can try! please direct message me on twitter, and i will add you to my protest buddies page! i label twitter users under each county they are from in hopes of others reaching out, and finding someone they can attend a protest with!

can you send me a flyer?
unfortunately, i do not have flyers. i post all information on my site that is on the flyer. if any protest is postponed, canceled, or anything of the sort - it will be listed. otherwise, i am only posting cities, protest locations and times.

do you have __ ?
i won't be giving out any other social media platforms, unless it's used to tag me in a post! (which, you don't have to tag me!)

can i repost this website on other platforms?
absolutely! you don't have to ask. please share with everyone!

when will the site update?
the latest, 8pm every night.

i have a flyer for a protest next week, can you post it?
please refrain from sending protests a week or two early. only a certain amount of dates are put up at once, and i don't want to lose any protests in the meantime! please send them at least 5-6 days ahead.

hello, if you are a protest organizer, here are some people within the state who are willing to help out. if you need any of them, please contact them on twitter directly. information is below:

medical assistance:

providing funds/supplies:
@n02096825 (teaneck, nj for friday)
@beardtrills (jersey city, montclair)